Sciatica pain is one of the commonest cause of low back pain. In India most of people suffer from it. It’s more common in old age. But in young people it’s not so uncommon. Our spinal cord sleeps with protection from the vertebrae. And the spinal nerves come out through the holes inside the vertebrae. Any cause which increases the pressure on the vertebral column causing compression of sciatic nerve which helps in functions of our leg muscles, will cause sciatica pain. 40% of all population will have it in their lifetime.

The pain is severe which starts in the low back area. It’s associated with a current like feeling in the thighs and it goes to the legs. Almost always it’s associated with some burning and decrease sensation. Sometimes the patient feels weakness and difficulty to stand and walk long. Sometimes it’s more while sitting. Sometimes patient feels difficulty to stand prolonged time.

There are several causes. Primary causes include the problem in the discs of vertebrae, stenosis, bone abnormality, problems in spine etc. For all working purpose pressure on lumbar spine causes it. Sometimes while lifting heavy object instantaneous disc detachment will cause it. Sometimes it’s chronic. Obese person and people who maintain bad posture are worst sufferer.

What to do if you have sciatica. First, respect the pain. Visit a neurologist. The pain must be relieved. Many people start doing exercises while pain is there. It will only increase the pain. First the nerve which is compressed must be calmed down by maintenance of posture and medication. Don’t give any stress to spinal cord. Protect it by lumbar belt. After pain subsides ask neurologist if physiotherapy could be started. Then go to a good physiotherapist for further relief of compression. Always remember once sciatica is there means it will definitely come back after some day. So always try to relax the spine by managing good posture, decrease weight, moderate exercise, refrain from heavy weight lift. These steps will prevent it. In extremely rare condition you might need surgery. But surgery doesn’t reveal exceptional outcome.

Everyone has the right to remain pain free. Sciatica pain is most disturbing pain. Adequate treatment and prevention can bring smile. Always remember for spine, posture and exercise are very important. It can prevent sciatica pain.






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