Spinning of head is a very common phenomenon in everyone’s life. Sometimes we feel dizziness. Often it feels like falling while walking. Sometimes the headreeling is so severe that the patient is unable to stand. All the world seems rotating around us.

But the head spinning or head reeling is a very diverse symptom. There are many etiological factors behind it. Recurring dizziness or severe dizzy spells can significantly interfere with a person’s life. Causes of dizziness can range from temporary physical changes to more serious underlying medical conditions.

Causes of spinning of head

Problems in inner ear

Many people have problems in inner ear. They suffer from spinning of head when change position.Many people use the terms “vertigo” and “dizziness” interchangeably. But in vertigo the circumstances rotate more then the persons head. It’s associated with nausea and vomiting. Sometimes it’s associated with unsteady gait and difficulty to walk.


Sometimes headache is associated with spinning of head. It’s primary seen at the time of severe headache.Sometimes, people experience dizziness before the onset of a migraine episode.

Fluctuations in BP

Sudden fluctuations in blood pressure causes spinning of head. Sudden hypertension, or sudden hypotension causes dizziness of head. If blood pressure is persistently high then it causes head spinning. Even if we get up suddenly then for a transient time blood flow to the brain decreases, it causes lightheadedness and dizziness.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety cause subjective dizziness. They feel heaviness of head. It’s associated with headache and sleep problems too.


Sudden head spinning can be due to stroke in the brain. It causes Severe head spinning and associated with other signs of stroke. Sometimes it may be associated with problems in speech and vision problems.


Iron deficiency anemia is a common cause of headreeling and dizziness. Its more common in female population. Sometimes it’s associated with fatigue. Making appropriate dietary changes and taking iron supplements can help treat mild forms of iron-deficiency anemia. People who have a severe iron deficiency may require a blood transfusion.

Cardiovascular diseases

Conditions that affect the cardiovascular system, can cause dizziness. People may experience dizziness or feel lightheaded before or after a heart attack.

Fluctuations in sugar levels

Symptoms of hypoglycemia can appear suddenly and vary in severity. Those patients who have diabetes, suffer from hypoglycemia due to high dose of insulin. It causes dizziness, lightheadedness and burning sensation of body.

Motion sickness

Motion in a vehicle, such as a car, airplane, or boat, can disrupt the structures of the inner ear, causing dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. People call this “motion sickness” or “seasickness.”The symptoms of motion sickness usually subside away once the person sets foot on solid ground.

When to visit a Neurologist if you are feeling Dizzy…

Dizziness is a common symptom. But if your head is spinning multiple times or its associated with other conditions then visit a Neurologist. You may need several tests to diagnose the cause of dizziness.

The patients with repeated episode of spinning of head should be cautious while driving. They should not get up suddenly. While doing work they should take sufficient water. They should regular check blood pressure and blood sugar.

Awareness and adequate treatment can cure most of the causes of spinning of head.


  1. Thank you bhai for such beautiful article about the problem I am suffering and also thank you very very much for your treatment and counselling because of which I am feeling better now 😊😊


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