All children are not same. Every child is different. That means every child would think different. Neuro development of a child is a complicated process. Development occurs slowly and steadily. Slowly we observe, they sit, stand than walk. Its called motor milestones. Likewise there are language milestones too. They will start to speak single words, then double words, then sentences. As age progresses his/her social behavior will improve.

But have you ever wondered, some children behave different. Why some children do not speak like others do even if they have no problem while they took birth? Why some children do not mix well with children of their age? Why some children do not like to play much like others do? Why some do not interact by looking to you? Numerous questions are there like this.

They are different. Their brain work in a different way. It may be due to a condition called autism. It is a wide spectrum called autistic spectrum disorders.

So there is a beautiful question

What is Autism?

The answer of it is, it’s a developmental disorder in early life, effecting social and communication skills.

What changes we find in autism ?

Problem in communication: They have difficulty to communicate with others. It will be both verbal and non verbal. There will be abnormal delay in language milestones. Some children have abnormal facial expression.

Problem in social interaction: They have problems in handling emotions. They prefer to be alone. They don’t want relationship with others.

Problem in imagination and flexibility of thought: They have difficulty in thinking abstract terms. Stereotypic behavior, repeated behavior, limited activities, less interest.

Some children have minimal disability due to autism, some have more disability. There is variations in involvement due to autism.

Autism can be diagnosed very early. They have gross problem in interaction when cuddled. They do not have eye contact. Autistic children show less interest in sharing their toys with others. Some children spin around their seat. They have tendency to stare at light.

Autism can be diagnosed very early. They are to be brought up differently from other children. Many people think it as schizophrenia and mental retardation. But it’s not. With proper care they can be better.

Autistic are different, it’s a different ability.

#autism #behavioural disorder


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