I came running from the top floor to the ground to see what was happening? It was such a beautiful spring evening. I was sitting near the window and enjoying the breeze. But all of a sudden a shout baffled me. Someone shouted ‘ Lord Hanuman (the invincible Hindu God) came’. I was in early adolescence at that time. I reached the dormitory where many curious and anxious Children like me gathered around a boy. And that boy, who was not from my school, but from a smaller place not far from my home. I had talked to him before his name was Sarat (true name hidden) and he was from the same 9th standard as I was. I pushed the gathering to come to front. I was taken aback with fear and astonishment. Something was happening to that boy. His neck was turned to one side, left hand was extended, right hand was flexed, legs were tight. It was apparent as if he was fighting like a knight. I asked his close friends, what was happening!! They answered, Lord Hanuman is controlling his body. He comes to his body once or twice in a month. Everyone were standing with folded hands doing pranam, to the Lord Hanuman inside him. I also followed others. After a couple of minutes, Lord Hanuman left his body. He was sleeping in the floor. The gathering dispersed. I went to my dormitory with huge number of questions surfacing in my mind. I thought and thought, I was also a pious boy with deep interest in Indian mythology. I love Lord Hanuman. But he never comes to me, why he came to him. Is there any criteria!! Even that night I dreamt that Lord Hanuman was speaking to me from the body of Sarat. It was the spring of millennium year 2000 in one camp I had gone as cadets of NCC (a school and college level organization of Indian security forces).

Days rolled. I grew up. Sometimes the incident pops up in my remote memory. I passed the highschool. In the college, I met one boy who was from the school and standard, Sarat was studying. I again remembered the incident. I asked him, what happened to Sarat? Did the Lord came to him, or he forgot? He told me “one evening, Lord Hanuman came and remained for prolonged time, finally he took his soul with him, and he died”. I pitied for the boy. He had dreams to become a naval cadet. That time there were very few numbers of doctors in remote corners of India. But I never forgot the face. After I studied medical science, I came to know, that he was having seizures. Perhaps Sarat was suffering from epilepsy. Still today I feel pity for him. Our ignorance killed him.

A story format of a real event. Any relation with any person is complete coincidence

Around the world, there are many stories like this about young people, suffering from possession of ghosts, demons, Satan, gods. But most of them are neurological or psychiatric diseases. Our ignorance and blind faith wasted many lives. EPILEPSY is a neurological condition. It is treatable. It’s one of the commonest neurological diseases. There was a study in a university among students about knowledge of epilepsy disease in 2017. Even today many people think it’s insanity or ghostly activity or witchcraft. You can easily think about knowledge of uneducated people.

Age old Greek people thought it as demonic possession. So they termed it as epilepsy disease.

But in reality it’s a neurological disease which is treatable. If it’s type is diagnosed and treated by proper medication, 70% will be cured by single Medicine. This is a time, where everyone has a Android phone. Please take a video, and show it to the neurologist. If type of seizure is known, treatment is very easy.

Everyone must be aware of the DOs and DON’T s at the time of seizure. Always remember it. It will help the patient much. Every person having epilepsy attack must have this type of card with them.

We can conquer the epilepsy disease if everyone is aware. Let’s celebrate the national epilepsy awareness day and take oath to fight epilepsy and support and destigmatize it. Let’s not have another Sarat in our vicinity.


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  1. Interesting story of blind beliefs in society.
    Much to be done to make people aware of reality.


  2. Epilepsy schizophrenia are all believed to be devils and god’s act since centuries and still … nice sort to highlight this big concerned area


  3. Living with epilepsy, working 2gether to reach our fullest potential fo successful Awareness national epilepsy month. Thank u sir.


  4. That’s a really sad but enlightening story. You can’t fault people for not knowing the true cause of his condition, but it shows the education that still needs to be taught today so that people are better informed of this and other ailments and how best to treat them. Great read.


  5. Epilepsy is indeed a form of spiritual possession, but not in the victim, rather in some viewers, by the spirit of imagination and superstition. Which book on earth, did ever say that, God would possess a child, passing fits ?
    Why do some horror movies show crippled movements as ghostly ? Interesting to note that, even without referring to medicine, I failed to understand how such weird crawling is fearful at all ! If one does not get an answer, the “cup” should be laid empty without filling it with “abritrary” imagination.


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