Neck pain is a very common problem in today’s world. Stress, bad posture, heavy work, lack of exercise adds to the problem. Excess use of mobile gives more mileage to existing problem. Some people go to message parlor or chiropractor and it adds more to neck spasm and muscle pain. Besides this trauma and injuries are primary causative. Excess stretching of neck is dangerous. In today’s world mobile is undetachable part of life. But it is the primary cause of neck pain. When we keep any heavy object on head it gives too much stress to neck. If we bend our neck for 15 degree for holding mobile it adds above 15 kg weight stress to neck. Now think how much we are stressing our neck. Some people feel mild pain. Some feel severe pain. We have seen many patients crying miserably due to pain. It’s frustrating. They can never sleep. The neck muscles ache so badly that people leave jobs. The pain starts due to the neck vertebrae involvement along with the nerves of neck and muscles. But as the compression progress it will compress the spinal cord roots. It causes big problem. Then the pain will radiate to hand and there will be weakness of hand and sometimes decrease sensation. After that it will compress the spinal cord then he will have weakness in legs too. Every time the problem starts with mild pain and progress to very severe cord compression. That’s why never neglect neck pain. You have to prevent it by correction of posture. Otherwise severe complications will definitely come. If mild pain is there then no need to get treated just change in posture and some analgesic will do. But if symptoms of nerve compression arises then you must visit a true neurologist (DM Neurology). You must get treated. If he feels it will not improve by medicine, you will be referred to spine surgeons. Even if surgery is done no one can guarantee complete improvement. That’s why I always give importance to prevention part. If you want neck to be less problematic correct your posture. Neck transfers all the nerves which do various works in our body. Protect it. Use thin pillows, sit straight. Walk straight. Never bend neck for texting in mobile. If severe pain or any symptoms of root compression arises then do visit neurologist. Get treated and be pain free.#happy_sunday





  1. Very useful article. Keep posting such ones. They help one and all. We should also spread this awareness by forwarding to many others.


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